Our Services

We are passionate about simple yet sophisticated user experience that we, and our clients, are very proud of.

Web Applications

Web Applications

Under the guidance of our UI/UX expert, we make sure that your web app is running efficiently and easy to use

Web Development

Web Development

With years of exposure with website development, our web developers are equipped with the latest technology making sure your website is running at its highest potential

Web Designing

Web Design

Our designers are always updated with the latest trend making sure your website is not outdated and will always keep the spirit of your site's theme

Why W3bkit

Webkit is the complete service kit that you will ever need to put up your website online. We will be the one that will consult and put your website to the WEB from start to finish.

We are a simple group but we have a combined experience in the web industry of 18 years. Even with the combined years of experience, we still have the zeal to learn and adapt to the latest trend in the field.


What We Do

Webkit is a website design and development group committed to provide excellence in client services.

Other resources of Webkit includes state of the art multimedia compatible computer hardware, with the latest in software, to help ensure that the highest quality sites are designed.


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If you believe that we are what you need in making your dream website a reality, don't hesitate to drop us an email.

Webkit Location

Our Location

Cebu City, Philippines

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Webkit Location

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Meet the Team

These are the individuals that will help you achieve your envisioned website the correct way.

Mindy Alysa Sy

Mindy Alysa Sy

is our designer and a front end specialist. She ensures that your website is masked with the latest trend on web design.

Earl Evan Amante

Earl Evan Amante

is our back end specialist. He is assigned to do everything in the site admin side to make the content easy to update. He also maintains our web hosting and office equipments to keep them always at 100%.